I love this quilt. I LOVE IT.

I bought these solid colors a while ago, knowing that I wanted to do a quilt with more muted colors since most of mine so far have been very bright. I almost didn’t buy the cream because I tend to just gravitate towards plain white…so glad I did. I think it would have looked too beachy if it was white.

I put the quilt top together without already having a backing fabric, which I hadn’t done before. Now I had the nerve-wracking task of finding a fabric to match what I’d already made. Luckily, I found Hello Bear in Summit Twilight┬áby Bonnie Christine for Art Gallery Fabrics and it couldn’t be more perfect. Just beautifully organic to contrast the pattern on the top.

Bear Tracks quilt by rose+twill

Bear Tracks quilt by rose+twill

Bear Tracks quilt by rose+twill

Now available in the shop!

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