I’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback from my friends on these quilts, which is one of the reasons I decided I should try and make a little business out of something that I really enjoy doing. My first commission came from my friend Kevin, whose creative endeavors I can only hope to aspire to. It had to be different. I knew outer space fabric was the answer.


3D Space quilt by rose+twill
Q-Bert. Yes, I know. It looks like Q-Bert. And Q-Bert was awesome.

3D Space quilt by rose+twill
My husband was positive that I should use the bright coral for the binding. I was skeptical. He was right.

3D Space quilt by rose+twill
…all labeled and ready to go!

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One comment on “3D Space Quilt commission

  • Beautiful! Your talents amaze me! This y seam is tricky and tiresome for seasoned quilters! Love the web name and pictures!


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