peachgreyMD About to start quilting this baby this afternoon after I run some errands…updated post when it’s done!

Update: Finished the two quilts I’ve been working on these past couple of weeks. Had a crazy work schedule there for a minute and felt like I fell a little behind. But this week I got so much done, including getting the new site lookin’ all pretty – check out my super awesome homepage! Got two new quilts into the shop, and all of my new pics into the gallery!

So. I’ve been really disappointed in my photography lately. I have barely any natural light to work with in my house…and color correcting on an iPhone can be tricky, even with VSCO Cam. Finally I figured out a solution… Ott lights! Pointed my big one right at the white ceiling, and bingo. Enough “natural” light with a little help from the windows to get some real photos done.

Brighter colors, less color correcting, what a difference! My Instagram is about to get real, y’all.

Also…what do you think of the new site? 🙂

Botanical Quilt

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