Do you know what I hate? This thing. This ugly horrible thing.

Look at it! It’s awful. I’m sure everyone has had one of these monsters at some point. I think it came with some sewing kit I bought a hundred years ago. So today, since I finished binding my latest quilt fairly early, I decided to do this small project that I bought the felt for last week.

Hexie pincushion!

hexie pincushions
I saw these last week on Modern Handcraft’s Instagram, and found she had a tutorial to make them on her site. Click on the image above to check it out!

Fortunately, I had a bit of space fabric left over from the 3D Space Quilt I sold last week. Unfortunately, I do not have a Sizzix cutter to make the little felt hexagons. Rotary cutter it is! I used my cutting mat’s 30 degree angle guide to get the angles right. In the following image, where the little blue hexagon is, the 30 degree line goes through a half-inch marker. That’s how I made sure all the sides were a half inch, by using those two lines together to do my cutting.

And here’s my finished product! Not as pretty as her amazing professional looking ones, but much better than the tomato monster, wouldn’t you agree?

Be sure to check out Modern Handcraft’s tutorial here. If you don’t feel like making one of these awesome pincushions yourself, you can buy one in her shop for only $15!

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